Panaji, Capital of Goa

Panaji is the old Portuguese capital of Goa, after reading the trusty Lonely Planet guide we decided this was an ideal place to camp out and explore some more of Goa before our next flight. Again, we’d expected a lot, but it turns out there’s not as much as we’d hoped – perhaps due to the fact it was a Sunday. Luckily, I’m easily entertained by brightly coloured doors, which Panaji had a lovely abundance of due to its Portuguese background.

2014-09-07_0026 An indian Thums Up 2014-09-07_0028

After spending several hours alongside the sleepy river – eating pizza and having a few drinks we took a walk and stumbled across a far more active part of Panaji with a night market in the winding streets filled with quirky architecture, wooden doors and shutters and bright colours. Although we didn’t LOVE the town, I felt some pride and satisfaction in us finding the ‘real’ part of Panaji – it just shows what a little bit of walking can get you.


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