Pushkar was a bit of an unknown for me, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I really liked it. As a city it’s fairly small, relaxed and has more of a hippy vibe to the place. Famous for it’s camel rides, our driver was pretty insistent to get us on one – but after a long journey and a full bladder we had other ideas! We were warned by the hotel manager to ‘not get emotional’ in Pushkar and he made some gun signals with his hand – I’m not sure entirely what was meant, but I was on my guard!

2014-09-07_0048The town itself is really very nice and thankfully fairly chilled compared to the touts we’d come up against in the rest of India. If you’re after gifts for yourself or others, this is the place to come – with a glorious abundance of jewellery and leather goods I enjoyed our time walking round pretty much undisturbed by the stall owners.

Street smoke


2014-09-07_0050 2014-09-07_0051 2014-09-07_0052

The best part of Pushkar for me was the discovery of a hotel/restaurant called Seventh Heaven – which it really was. A lovely white four storey building, built around a quaint fountain courtyard with vines growing bottom to top, huge cushions, swing chairs, fairy lights and lanterns made this a super cool, relaxed place to hang out. This place pretty much summed up Pushkar for me, with some quirky touches – the food is bought to the rooftop restaurant by a pulley system from the kitchen on the ground floor.

From the top of the building we ate our Indian feast of Cauliflower stuffed Paratha, aubergine in curry sauce, mushrooms in garlic and olive oil rice. Watching the sun set over the tops of the ancient temples of Pushkar made for a happy visit to the city.

2014-09-07_0053 2014-09-07_0054 Indian festival, Boy on horse

Pushkar Round Up:
- Eat at Seventh Heaven. That is all.

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