And so it begins…

Booking onto a 10 day was perhaps the best travel decision I’ve made in my planning stages (apart from to buy the ticket in the first place of course.) I booked onto a 10-day group tour of northern Thailand with G-adventures to ease me into the backpacker lifestyle. In the weeks & days up to my big adventures D-day I was absolutely sh****** myself at the mere thought of my fast approaching six-month stint away. However, my only real concern about the tour was that I’d be the only solo traveller and the rest would be with friends or their partners. To my surprise all of them were solo travellers, hoooobloodray!!

There were six us in total plus our fabulous CEO (CHIEF experience offer) from all corners of the planet…

Anne-Marie (AM) – a Scottish teacher from Aberdeen, who educated me on the meaning of Scottish phrases such ‘bozie’ and ‘poof juice’…

Adam – a very tall guy from London, does something dull in Economics & chief banter-er of the trip.

Jamie – a student, also from London, travelling around the world one continent at a time with a slight Oreo fetish.

Sabrina – from Deutschland and speaks better English than most Brits

Yanira – a nurse from Texas with a hint of Mexican – a brilliant Mai Tai drinker

Philippe – a real smoker from Switzerland, whose next stop was Phuket.

And last but definitely not least there was tOm tOm – from Chang Mai, Thailand. Eating expert and all round hilarious lady who expertly guided us from place to place. I can say in all honesty that this group of people made the tour for me, almost immediately (or soon after some food) we clicked and the banter began… happily general micky-taking and food became the theme for the rest of the trip.

The rest of my trip is a long one and in all honesty just starting but this tour of Northern Thailand helped me acclimatise to the backpacker way of life: new languages, cities, heat, new faces and great new friends. It was a hard goodbye when we all went our separate ways but as I’m beginning to realise, travelling means saying a lot of goodbyes as well as hellos.

g-adventures thailand tour

Our tour schedule:

Day 1 Bangkok

Arrive at any time.

Days 2-3 Sukhothai (2B)

Morning of Day 2, take a guided longboat tour of Bangkok’s klongs and Wat Po. Travel to Sukhothai and take a half-day guided bike tour of Sukhothai Historical Park and explore the area with free time.

Day 4 Lampang (B)

Option to take a traditional horsecart ride through town.

Days 5-6 Chiang Rai Province/Golden Triangle (2B)

Visit the Elephant Conservation Centre, visit the town of Mai Sai and the Opium Museum.

Days 7-9 Chiang Mai (3B, 1D)

Guided tour of Doi Suthep temple. Optional cooking class and bicycle tour. Opt to visit the Mae Sa waterfall, shop at the night market or enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family, khantoke-style, in a village outside Chiang Mai. Overnight train to Bangkok on Day 9.

Day 10 Bangkok

Trip ends on arrival at Bangkok train station. Onward travel can be booked for 3pm or later. We highly recommend booking pre- or post-accommodation to fully enjoy this vibrant city.

g-adventures thailand tour

g-adventures thailand tour

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