Travel blogI’m Clare Richards (aka: Bear), adventurer and photography nut…

Like a lot of people I’ve always wanted to see the world. Like even more people I didn’t do much about it. Until recently, meaning the past twelve months have been a whirl wind of adventure.

2014, Feb: India РMumbai, Goa, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar

2015:mountain climb
Sept: Northern Thailand
Oct: Vietnam
Nov: Cambodia and Southern Thailand
Dec: Southern Thailand and Bali
Jan: Bali and New Zealand
Feb: New Zealand
Mar: Home, to the UK

I spent a month in each country and a little longer in some travelling solo, finding my way around every new place with a 18kg backpack on, plus another lighter rucksack on my front – making me look pretty much like a pregnant turtle. Sexy. As.

It turns out looking like a pregnant turtle is the best way to meet people and to my surprise I made new friends at every time from short twenty minute friendships to ones that will stay with me a life time.

I had always intended to write a diary of my journey, especially on those long bus rides – but it turns out looking out the window was far¬†too interesting. So I decided this blog was to become a photo blog and to let my photos speak for themselves…

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